• Team EOH – Behind the Scenes

    June 2nd, 2015

    Who doesn’t love a good summer project? As we are gearing up for our new paper goods, debuting in the next few months, we were honored to shoot and style¬†with Caroline and Clark Brewer, our featured couple from last week’s “In Good Co.” This has been an exciting time for EOH as we take on new interns and allow their gifts to be cultivated and grow under Emily’s creative wing. In the past few weeks, Emily’s interns have been tagging along on shoots, creating amazing signage, and crafting new varieties of paper goods. We wanted to showcase more of C & C’s talent along with some behind the scenes shots of what to expect in the next few weeks.


    EOH loves to partner with passionate and creative minds, who go full force into their calling. We are thankful to have the amazingly talented and passionate, Clark and Caroline, walk alongside us as we explore new forms of neutrals, calligraphy, and clean aesthetic. We think they were the perfect fit to showcase our product.


    Similarly, our in-house photographer/intern, Madding McFadden, works to display eye-opening and crisp images to convey the clean, welcoming atmosphere of EOH’s paper goods. While Madding snaps away, our blogger/intern, Paige Woods, works to illustrate and portray other creatives’ stories, while also inviting you to be a part of EOH’s grand journey. This first shoot was such an inspiration to Paige and Madding, and they are so thrilled to come alongside this summer.

    Team EOH had a great time over at Clark and Caroline’s abode, and we cannot wait to reveal our new product as well as our intern team. This is only a glimpse at what we are doing this summer. We appreciate your support and interest as we move forward here at EOH. We think our 2015 summer is going to a blast, and we are thankful you all are along for the ride!

    All photos courtesy of Madding McFadden & the EOH team