• In Good Co. | Clark and Caroline Brewer

    May 26th, 2015

    We have the privilege of getting to walk alongside some inspiring, growing, and dynamic creatives as we navigate the small biz world as creators ourselves. In our blog column, In Good Co., we want to feature some of these artists and share a little of the story behind their craft, how they create their work, and what makes them tick as a artist.

    We recently had the opportunity to partner with an amazingly talented stylist and photographer couple from Nashville, TN—Clark and Caroline Brewer. You may recognize this tag team as being individually talented as well as complimentary in their artistry. In preparation for our new line of paper products, we were thrilled to spend the afternoon over at Caroline and Clark’s amazing home (featured on Southern Weddings and Design Sponge). We marveled at their aesthetic as well as listened closely to their inspiring past and future endeavors. The EOH team adored the afternoon with the photographer and stylist, and we cannot wait to share their work. Here is a little more on the gifted duo…

    What is your story?

    At EOH, we are allowed to be hopeless romantics, and Clark and Caroline Brewer’s love story is no exception. These high school sweethearts, Caroline and Clark, have pursued one another since they first met at a soccer game when he was 18, and she was 15. How adorable is that!  Since then, C & C have continued to work hand-in-hand in all that they do. Individually, they have accomplished so much and only intend to refine their craft and love for one another in the future.

    What is your craft?

    Caroline Brewer, stylist extraordinaire, began her career working as a personal stylist and merchandiser for Anthropologie right here in Nashville. As an aspiring employee and lover of all things Anthro, Caroline decided to move up to New York to work for the company and study the fashion industry. With opportunities to travel abroad to Florence and beyond, Caroline returned to Nashville with a head full of knowledge both about herself and the desire to make all things beautiful.

    Clark Brewer began his photography like any other hobby in high school. However, as he began to dive deeper into the creative world, he started to pursue photography by stewarding his gift with the help of a mentor photographer. In his apprenticeship, Clark began to find his own lens and allow his voice to take shape. Today, Clark continues to work on finding his own voice in the photography world as well as working with his wife to create beautiful images.

    Where do you find inspiration?

    For Caroline, there seems to be a consistent desire to make things beautiful. Although there may be something gloriously gorgeous in a mess, Caroline finds inspiration in commandeering that mess. She is an expert in refining and making all things look shiny and new. Caroline makes her art obtainable, inviting her audience to embrace the mess while also fixing their eyes towards a more put-together product. Caroline’s simple, efficient, and charming styling allow for her to work systematically and messily all at the same time, creating a perfect and obtainable harmony for her client.

    For Clark, he continues to investigate past photographers’ work, such as Richard Avedon and Vivian Maier, in order to establish and capture his own voice. His style is currently influenced by his Roloflex film camera, much like these past photographers. In each photo, Clark strives to be vulnerable and convey meaning and truth. He truly believes that each photo contains a story that needs to be told. As he carries his love of people into photography, Clark works mainly in capturing weddings, engagements, his travels, and product around Nashville. He says that these are the stories that continue to inspire him today. Here are some past weddings that Clark has done:

    What is your very favorite piece from the EOH paper line?

    For both Clark and Caroline, they have worked very hard on styling and photographing some upcoming paper product that we are very excited to premiere in the upcoming weeks. Each of them has expressed their love of this shoot, and we are giddy at the thought of it’s arrival.

    Thank you so much Clark and Caroline for having us over to your home for such a lovely day of shooting and chatting. We are so privileged to work with such talented individuals that work to convey beauty and grace through every shot. We HIGHLY recommend them for any event, wedding, party or styled shoot! For more information on Clark Brewer Photography or Caroline Brewer Styling, please feel free to click on their links. 

    All photos courtesy of Madding McFadden & the EOH Team