Traditional and Elegant Nashville Wedding

September 22nd, 2015

This sweet couple is dear to our hearts. We have known the bride and her family for years….and let’s just say that there might have been a glistening eye (or few) at this wedding! We count it a true joy to be able to walk with friends and help celebrate their special day! One of the things we love about the Gauntts is their truly authentic spirit! Scroll through this amazingly fun but elegant day to see some of the joy captured by Rachel Moore Photography and designed by Big Events Inc.!


The (Happy!) Couple’s Names: Robert Travis Gauntt (goes by Travis) and Elizabeth (Lizzy) Orr Gauntt

Wedding Date: June 7, 2015

Location: Ceremony at Scarritt Bennett Wightman Chapel/ Reception at Belle Meade Country Club



“Tell us “your story.”  Travis and I met one Sunday afternoon in June of 2011 during our first TCU orientation session. We were both fresh out of high school, coming from Nashville & Houston to embark on our college journeys, but neither of us could have imagined that our stories would be so shaped by the boy and girl that sat next to us in that tiny classroom. But, that is how the Lord works, in wondrous ways and often when we least expect it. Travis & I began dating shortly into our freshman year, and four quick years later, he proposed in a beautiful Ritz Carlton courtyard in Naples, Florida. The Lord’s faithfulness came to us that Sunday in June in a little room during TCU orientation, and it has followed us through our four years at college together. He has guided us and stood beside us the entire way, growing us up together and apart, and we look forward to witnessing His continued grace to us now and into our forever futures as husband and wife.



Pick three words you would use to describe your wedding. Elegant. Classic. Joyful.

We love your style! Tell us a little bit about your aesthetic… For anyone that knows me well, they know I am not one of those girls who had been planning her wedding for a long time. In fact, walking into my first meeting with Big Events Wedding, I really didn’t know the style I wanted our wedding to exhibit. However, as time progressed and we started to narrow down the decor and details I liked or did not like, I came to find that I loved more of a classic, elegant look, but I also wanted to have some sort of a lighthearted, whimsical feel since Travis and I were both fresh out of college. Therefore, for colors, I picked mostly neutral colors and incorporated light lavender and dark purple as accent colors. I chose those a) because they went beautifully with the “silver bells” bridesmaids’ dresses and b) because two-thirds of our wedding party and guests were beloved TCU Horned Frog fans. Since the colors were more traditional and simple, we decided to add a touch of whimsical decor to the elegant feel by incorporating soft votive candles, twinkle lighting, swooping drapery, lush greenery table runners, and tall, blooming flower arrangements as center pieces. All of this beautiful decor was then designed and executed by the incredibly creative and exceptionally talented team at Big Events Wedding who made all of our ideas and dreams become a reality on our wedding day.

What was your very favorite detail from the day? My husband’s face as I walked down the aisle. It was unforgettable and such an incredible testament of the joy we both felt on that special day. However, in terms of aesthetics and decor, there are too many to even narrow it down! My personal favorites, if I had to pick, were the floral arrangements. The various flowers throughout the ceremony and reception were absolutely stunning and perfectly designed by the talented crew at Big Events Wedding. Everything from the bridesmaids’ bouquets to the sculpted vine archway at the entrance to the reception were spectacular and brought the entire wedding decor together.



One thing you wish you would’ve know before you started wedding planning… I wish I would have known how quickly the engagement time flies. Everyone kept telling me to remember to stop, take a deep breath and let each moment sink into my memory as it happened. I wish I had listened to them more. The wedding planning season is an incredible experience, but it is so easy to let it pass by in rapid chaos. If I had known how to better take in each moment throughout the journey, I think I would have appreciated the little steps in the process more and all the small, amazing details that made our wedding day so special.



Tell us why you love EOH custom paper lovelies! EOH custom paper designs are truly special because they are personal to each bride and groom. Emily makes a point to not only design beautiful stationery but to incorporate the unique story and personality of every client she encounters into the aesthetics of each piece. In doing so, each custom creation tells a story and evokes an emotional response in all who receive them. While designing a number of invitations for our wedding with EOH, I felt free to voice my personal opinion while also being graciously guided and supported by Emily in each decision we made, making it an enjoyable and stress-free process.



DRESS Monique Lhuillier // ACCESSORIES Family Heirlooms // REHEARSAL DINNER Acme Feed and Seed // CEREMONY ScarrittBennett Wightman Chapel // RECEPTION Belle Meade Country Club // PHOTOGRAPHY Rachel Moore Photography // VIDEOGRAPHY Dallas Wilson Wedding Films// BAND The Atlanta Allstars // EVENT DESIGN Big Events Inc. // PAPER Emily O. Holmes Custom Paper Lovelies !!! // FLOWERS Big Events Inc. // CATERING Belle Meade Country Club// CAKE Dessert Designs by Leland Riggan // RENTALS Please Be Seated Rentals, La Tavola Fine Linen, BBJ Linen, Visual Elements and Quest Drape, Big Events Inc. // BRIDESMAIDS Joanna August // GROOMSMEN Men’s Warehouse // MAKEUP and HAIR Jessica Przulj/ Mary Deaton Heldman

Meet + Greet: Anna Barnes

September 1st, 2015


This summer, EOH has taken on a whole new dynamic as we have added quite a few members to our company. Each of these women have unique gifts that allow them to contribute to our team as a whole. We are so grateful to be advocates and learners of each other’s talents, and as such, we want to share a little bit about the hearts, drives, and passions of those behind the scenes at EOH. So, let’s meet and greet EOH’s fantastic and creative customization artist, Anna Barnes. 

Anna Barnes has the whole package—insanely talented designer, meticulous sewer, detail-oriented artist, and full-time mom. Stepping into her East Nashville home, Madding and I got to take a look into what seemed like a real-life Anthropologie but just with more kids toys. Anna’s home, quirky and colorful, only pieced together her insanely unique and rockin’ personality. We absolutely love her creative spirit and innovative ideas that help customize your perfect invitation, announcement, or personal paper.


What is your role here at EOH Custom Paper Lovelies?

A: My main role is helping Emily with design work on the computer (illustrator, photoshop, InDesign) and revitalizing the Christmas collection.  Projects I have helped Emily with have included – Custom baby shower invitations, custom birthday party invitations, custom baby announcements, wedding programs and Christmas design. 

As an architect (in a former life), my creativity and design training comes from a slightly different path than others in this industry.  My mind thinks in diagrams and through drawing my thoughts out so working through designs with Emily in this manner has helped us efficiently discuss our ideas on paper before ironing it out on the computer. 

I am also helping bring a new branch of customization to EOH by sewing paper.  By adding thread and layering pieces onto paper lovelies, we are able to give clients a very custom and personal feel to their orders. 


What is your biggest passion in life?

A: My biggest passion (and focus) in life is my family.  Oliver (4), Lilian (2) and Georgia (6 months, pictured below) have completely changed my focus and priorities.  When I was working full-time as an architect, I quickly realized that the lifestyle I was pursuing in that industry was not one that would allow me to focus on my family like I felt I needed to.  Luckily, my husband and I were at a point in our lives where I was able to stay home and work part-time trying to see which direction I felt like God was calling me and our family.  I am the type of person that requires a creative outlet and focus so working with Emily these past few months has allowed me a lot of flexibility to stay home with our kids but also allows me to work in a creative field that helps bring joy to people.  I love using the creative and problem-solving part of my brain to work while still being able to play and love on our babies.  Another thing I love and am drawn to is sewing – mainly quilts, blankets, and things to cuddle with that you can’t have enough of.  Sewing is my old-lady outlet for creativity because I can focus on it to take my mind off of things, or I can do it while sitting on the couch and paper piecing heirloom quilts.  I love using my hands and seeing something beautiful and unique produced.  And I am obsessed with fabric and love collecting it.


What would the “perfect” day look like for you?

A: A perfect day for me would be exploring the city with our perfectly behaved children. But since that is highly unlikely to happen because our kids are a bit wild, I will happily take a day of sleeping in while Joe takes care of the kids, and then, we explore the city we love with our mildly behaved kids which wears them out to have an early bedtime. Or just a day to myself – that would be nice too. 


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned this past year?

A: This past year, our daughter Lily got very sick with pneumonia at Christmas, and we ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks over the holidays.  We were very close to losing her, and it was a very scary 2 weeks for all of us.  Being 9 months pregnant and the planner I am, I had the holidays planned out to a ‘t.’  I had stressed about the smallest details and worried over the silliest things.  Throughout that experience, I realized that the things I had been stressed about and the worries I had were so unnecessary, and I should have just been enjoying our time with the kids and with our family.  Throughout our hospital stay, I was forced to give a lot of major worries (instead of the frivolous ones from before) to God and let Him handle it and He did.  Lily recovered (longer than we expected but again I think God was teaching us a little patience), and she is healthy and thriving now.

What is one word that describes your personality?

A: Intricate, Purposeful, and Intentional (I helped her pick all three…hehe)

Thanks so much for meeting and greeting our newest EOH team member. We are so thankful to share Anna with you for a bit! Stay tuned for more introductions, so you can get to know more of the wonderful people at Team EOH.  
Photos Courtesy of Madding McFadden & the EOH team


July 7th, 2015

Who is Emily O. Holmes? Although she wouldn’t put herself in the spotlight, Team EOH wanted to give a voice to Emily O. Holmes, giving insight to readers on larger topics that continuously grace our lives. In our new blog column, “Dearest,” we want to share some of Emily’s most treasured moments as she continues forward with her business, Emily O. Holmes Custom Stationers.

In the midst of a busy day, Madding, Georganna, and I sat down with Emily, each of us pursuing the unique gifts that make our unit and company work. Multitasking, Emily sliced olive-green paper for a rehearsal dinner while I voice-recorded our conversation. It only seemed fitting to discuss Emily’s wedding day for this first “Dearest,” post.

Also, a newly engaged bride-to-be, I selfishly awaited Emily’s insights and memories! With her talented invitations and down-to-earth insight, I was so thankful to get to do this interview in her element (even if it’s hard to slice and chat). Read on for our interview and scroll through as Emily addresses our dearest bride-to-be’s:

*Emily would like to add a disclaimer that there are many words and truths and thoughts she could share but for brevity’s sake, here are her answers. If you would like more raw insight then come for a walk with Emily or have a cup of coffee and play with Elsie while chatting!


Prior to your wedding, what would you have changed about the planning process?

EOH: I planned my wedding, actually, and I did enjoy planning it because I am really into all the creative aspect (obviously). We had a month-of and day-of coordinator to help us stay on track with all the details – I highly recommend it! Wade trusted my aesthetic for the style, which I know some groom’s are more opinionated and not as laid-back.  Wade was my partner, he let me brainstorm and think out loud, giving input when needed but he mainly gave me great perspective. That is where brides often get overwhelmed, getting caught up in the details instead of the reason. The key is to give yourself time (quiet and alone, brainstorming with your girlfriends or honey) and keep perspective. Way easier said than done.

Going into your wedding day, what were the most important things to you in that moment?

EOH: Our most important thing was our worship service. Wade’s main opinions on our wedding day had to do with the order of the service. The most important thing was the fact that we wanted to keep it centered on the Lord. And it really was focused and worshipful. Wade wrote some of our worship songs as well; it wasn’t focused on the amazingness of the venue, napkins, or flowers. The service did not feel centered on us, even though we were at the “center” of the service; by having a time of worship, with all of our friends and family singing praise to God, it really helped both of us to stop thinking about all of the people staring at us and just lift our eyes to God as we looked to Him (and, exceedingly look to Him now, seven-and-a-half years and one baby into marriage!) as the focus of our marriage.

As you were walking down the aisle, what were your first thoughts?

EOH: In all honesty… Don’t cry. I remember the fact that I was looking up trying to keep it together when I saw my dad before the walk down the aisle and then taking deep breathes while walking down towards my groom. Then after, I just remember looking at him. Everything was clear. I remember it 100%.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

EOH: Venice, Italy! Basically, our idea of vacation is food and rest… sooooo, Yay, Italy!!!

When you came home from your honeymoon, what were your first thoughts?

EOH: It was so strange – you think, “I get to stay? Finally!” But then, it honestly also feels a bit odd… it’s just so new and different at first. It’s a gradual change where you become more and more comfortable. When you’re on your honeymoon, you’re on a vacation and in a little dream land.  When you come home, it’s a new feeling because now everything is different. Wonderful, but different. Hard to describe but you will know the feeling soon, Paige.


Since you have gotten married, what has changed about weddings?

EOH: A ton! Oh my goodness, well, I got married in 2007, which doesn’t seem that long ago but so much has changed! This was before Pinterest was so big. I can remember taking magazine clippings to my florist. Wow… that sounds so dated now! I think social media has changed what we think of as a wedding. While it can provide a great tool (like, someone showing me their Pinterest page so I can get a good feel of their style… which is super helpful!), it can also provide a really unhealthy opportunity for people to constantly compare themselves with everyone and then their wedding day becomes more about competition than it is about this beautiful, life-long commitment they are making to their spouse. All of that said, I still kinda wish that we could have had that tool for a little extra umph.

What is the hardest part about getting married? After you got married?

EOH: While planning – you want to be so aware and considerate of everyone, but you also want to make sure that your wedding is actually your wedding. You and your partner have to figure out a balance between families’ wants/needs your own actual wants and needs – it takes time and some heated convos, but you’ll figure it out… in time.

After we got married, I would say our hardest adjustment was being fully honest. You might think that you are being transparent, but once you are married and living under the same roof you’re just juggling so many things….bills, community, bathroom habits, sleeping in the same bed (which is not easy when your hub is 6’5”), after-work routines, etc. Your day-to-day idiosyncrasies become super apparent super quick:) You are learning how to love each other in a different way. It’s messy and more complicated….and, yet, all at the same time, really fun since you are living with your dearest friend!

What is something you need in your first year of marriage?

EOH: You need a confidant—you need a friend, an accountability partner, or marriage counselor—to be open and honest about your first year of marriage. You need someone to talk to about these new experiences from habits to sex to just hanging out. You are going to need someone to process life with, someone who can ask hard questions as well as listen.  Having a loving and honest community has been one of the biggest gifts that our marriage has received. I am so thankful that we are not isolated but have so many friends who love us and know us so well.


(Even during our conversation, Wade was able to pop in and chat about their first year of marriage. He had a few words of wisdom.)

Hey Wade, so this is for the blog. So, what was your first thought as Emily was walking down the aisle? Or just about the wedding in general?

One of the few details that was kinda “my job” for the wedding was the music. And, the song that Emily came down the aisle to was, of course, a big deal. I had it all perfectly mapped out. It’s this piece of music called “Tannhauser: Overture” by Wagner, which has this long build-up but then the trumpet enters and it’s huge and dramatic and moving and gorgeous, it felt like the perfect choice for the strings and the organ. I walked the band through the music and showed the people opening the doors the exact moment that they would open the doors right when that trumpet hit; it would be the first time of the whole day that I would see Emily. It totally didn’t happen as I planned/directed/hoped… maybe they couldn’t hear the trumpet out there… I don’t know. Either way, the photographer caught this picture of me where I’m making this totally annoyed face. Finally, after what felt like a few years but was probably a few seconds, they opened the door and Emily was (no shocker) breath-taking and my little trumpet-and-door moment of perfection was quickly forgotten. The other thing I remember was the worship… People always say you don’t remember any of the details of your wedding; I’d say that the first part of our wedding was kind of a blur, but then once we hit this segment of our service with the lights dimmed and a few worship songs led by some of our close friends, from that point on, I was totally focussed and present in the moment.

How have your expectations changed about marriage in the past 8 years?

EOH: You have to fight for each other. You are teammates. You must fight to connect with each other and not just co-exist. We now own our own business and we have a little girl, so we have to make it a point to say, “We’re going out on a date and we’re not talking about the business, we’re just going to be with each other and connect with each other.” As busyness continues to build up (and, I don’t know much, but I assume life doesn’t hit this slow season where you take five hour naps every day starting at 40), we’ll continue to need to fight to be with one another. It’s a fight worth fightin’.

We are so thankful for an amazing & inspiring leader at Team EOH! We are so thankful that we get to share her with you, too. Dearest, there is so much to look forward to, and we are excited that we get to be a part of it.

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