• Sweet Babe Photos + Birth Announcements!

    May 20th, 2014

    First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes hubby with a baby carriage! So many beautiful weddings already this summer and so many preg bellies popping out everywhere! In honor of summertime babes, here are some gems from our 2 month photo shoot with Elsie and inspiration for birth announcements! Love the above pics of Wade changing E’s diaper. So many rolls, so much love! Thanks to the talented Camille Blinn for the photos – she is going to take new photos for us soon!!! We’ll try to post them quicker next time, seeing as Elsie is almost 8 mo. old!

    Here are some of our happy birth announcements! Please contact EOH if you have a bundle-of-joy on the way! We would love to help announce your beautiful, new arrival! We can personalize any design on the website with different colors, fonts and motifs OR we can create a custom card perfect for your little one! A few mom’s that have been on top of it {this gal not included} have ordered their cards before the babe arrives and even addressed their envelopes! Afterwards, all we have to do is insert the photo and print! Just an idea; though, no judging here if you contact us when your little one is no longer a newborn… ours went out when she was 3 months old and the pic was from her 2 month photo shoot – whoops!

    And finally, the below have to be my all time fav! I’ve always wanted little nude booty shots….and do you know what happens when you take a diap off a little baby – yup! She was relieved and I was wet, but we got some great photos out of it! After that, E was getting super sleepy which led to some cuddly moments. Love this girl and her daddy!