• Christmas Guide / DIY Craft Kits

    November 7th, 2020


    We often create our own little craft or activity kits from all the random supplies we have and they are super entertaining for the girls! The following two options are on repeat at our house!

    Big side note, I included Amazon links below to all the figurines and accessories pictured but I usually go to the Dollar Store in Cool Springs and stock up on play things to make our clay/kinetic sand/activity kits more fun! The idea is to make your own craft/sensory kit, something like this or order from this company, they are beautifully put together!

    1st Option – Combine Air Dry Clay with any figurine of your choice plus some extra accessories. Air Dry Clay dries soft so that it does not break easily. We make activity kits by combining the Air Dry Clay with something extra to make it a craft activity.  The little something extra is usually accessories, which are really BIG in our house and make the pretend play last much longer. You can create a fairy garden, farm, jungle, dino land… anything goes! The only thing with Air Dry Clay is that it DOES STICK to your toys and clothes and it does dry out if you leave it out too long. I recommend that you use the Air Dry Clay to make trees, ponds, animals, food, furniture, monsters, fences, etc… let it dry and then use your creations with the figurines. You can also let the kids smash the plastic figurines into the Air Dry Clay but they will stick and be hard to get off but it’s fun for kids. You can use the Air Dry Clay alone and let them go to town squishing and playing and mixing the colors. We use it by itself or in combo with other toys. Both girls love it!

    2nd Option – Kinetic Sand – we are HUGE fans of kinetic sand… and from my friends I have found out that you are either a huge fan or you hate it. Ha! It totally depends on your kids and whether they throw everything or not:) I either put down a big sleeping bag and some large plastic bins and put the sand inside OR put the sand in a large tray and let them sit at their little table (it sweeps up super easily). The kinetic sand sticks together to make awesome sand castles or cookies or whatever your kid dreams up. Add in some cups and spoons – OR go a step further and add figurines and accessories and let their imaginations go wild!

    Accessory ideas! (again, go to the Dollar Store for cheap ideas as well)

    Plastic animal figurines – they have these at Michaels

    Fairy figurines – not the cutest things but they have lasted us outside through rain and sand and clay – also at Michaels

    Fairy furniture – we don’t have this exact set but these are a super fun addition to make your own fairy garden, indoor or outdoors!

    Food accessories – Cute and fun addition. My girls love tiny toy food – hilarious!

    Army guys – I did a craft kit for my nephews and I put Army guys in one and they used the Air Dry Clay to make hills, holes, and bunkers for soldiers to hide from each other.

    If this all seems too much, then you can purchase craft/activity kits through this company: Young, Wild and Friedman. They are called sensory bins and their kits are beautifully put together!!