• Christmas Guide / Craft Kits

    November 5th, 2020


    We love a craft project at our house… or I should say, the girls and I love a craft project. Wade is more into games with the girls. But there is always a craft going on at our house. If we want to eat a meal at our table, then we have to clean off some sort of art or craft project. Here are some pre-packaged kits that we’ve been loving. Enjoy!!

    1. Biggie Bead Board and Beads – These are excellent for little hands but not so little that they put everything in their mouths. Loretta is 3 and loves this craft. Your toddler can take the beads and place them on the Biggie Board to create patterns, shapes, or whatever they like! Once they are finished then you iron the creation to have a fun piece of art. Another way to use these beads is with good old Elmer’s glue. I use the glue and draw dots or shapes on a piece of cardboard and let Loretta put the beads on. It has faster results and the beads don’t roll off your cardboard as easily. There are also regular size Pearler Beads for older kids; Elsie loves this project as well!

    2. Lace and Trace – This is a super fun activity for kids! It helps develop fine-motor skills, following directions, and they feel so proud when they get the hang of it! There are so many variations of this activity – I’m sure you can find it at a local toy store, Michaels, or TJ Maxx.

    3. Sew Simply Sewing Kit! – Elsie got one of these for her 7th birthday and is loving it!! The kit comes with square cloth, thread, good scissors, stuffing fluff, ribbon, buttons, and kid-friendly needles. It gives you a book with a couple ideas of what to design, but you can cut, stuff, and sew whatever you like! Elsie likes to design her own little pillows and pouches so far. And it all comes in a cute little suitcase to keep it all organized, which mama loves!

    4.Plush Craft – Someone gave Elsie the square plush craft pillow for her 5th bday and it was a hit! They have now come out with stuffed animals that you can create. The craft has a little plastic tool that you push in small pieces of fabric to make it 3D. Elsie is asking for the puppies plushes for Christmas this year! Last year Elsie picked out the panda for her sis and gave it to her already completed – Loretta loved it and it was a gift that kept Elsie busy when she was “bored” – win win!

    5. Woodland friends Sewing Kit – We don’t own this kit but I might get it for Loretta for her 4th bday but honestly Elsie or my nephew, Bauer (5 yrs), would love this project too! These animals are precut and the holes are already punched so it’s much easier for your child to sew. And who doesn’t love a super cute woodland animal!

    6, 7 & 8. Klutz craft kits! We LOVE a Klutz craft kit. The ones we have purchased have been well thought out and brought tons of fun for our girls! Here is a short summary of the ones we have personally done:

    Mini Bake Shop – This kit provides a book and all the art supplies you need to make a little bake shop. This craft introduced us to Air Dry Clay and we have not looked back. Boys and girls will love this kit, and the older they are the less assistance they need. And, I have to admit, I love helping with this craft too.

    Tiny Camper – This kit comes with a lot of paper and punch outs. I would definitely recommend your kid be a little older or at least have a ton of patience. Elsie did this craft this year but she is a little advanced in the craft department – did I mention that I used to be an elementary school art teacher – so she has a little home-field advantage with the arts and crafts. It comes with all the supplies but we pulled out my hot glue gun to make the project go faster. If you use the glue in the kit, then you have to wait overnight for pieces to fully dry. Their glue looks better than hot glue but Elsie wanted faster results:) It is super cute and small and was a great project to do over a couple weeks.

    Clay Charms – This kit is F.U.N. FUN! The kit comes with instructions on how to make charms – you sculpt and then bake them! We made a bunch of little food charms and the girls loved it, okay I loved it. This one takes parent participation because the charms are so small but this would be a great weekend project!

    Up next…some DIY craft kits that we have been loving lately, must-have art supplies and toy ideas!