• Christmas Gift Guide / Kid Bibles

    October 24th, 2020


    Time to start holiday shopping! Over the next few weeks I am going to post some of our family’s favorites to help with your gift giving. I always love when other parents share what works in their home so I thought I would give you a little insight into what we like here! Please shop at your local bookstores! In Nashville, you can call Logos and they can order almost anything or they may have it in stock!  You can also shop on Amazon if you get in a time bind:) I have attached the Amazon links so you can read the reviews but I am also giving you Logos phone number and address to make it easy to support local!!

    1. The Biggest Story – My current fav to read with Elsie (who is 7 yrs old). I cannot give enough great reviews about this book – the art, the colors, the story, the simple but insightful language – buy it! It inspires my heart and leads to great questions with Elsie. Loretta loves the colors and images as well!! It is a work of art.

    2. Jesus Storybook Bible – This book should be a staple in every home…for kids AND adults! Buy this and hear the Lord’s tenderness for you!

    3.  Read Aloud Bible Stories – These books are AWESOME for little eyes and little ears. The books are large, the pictures are big, and the stories are concise. At the end of each story there is a little page that says – What did you learn? And then, it gives a two-sentence summary of the story. We love the rhythm of these stories.

    4. The Big Picture Story Bible – This is Wade’s favorite! He loves how it is a clear picture of the Bible telling a single, unified story from creation to the resurrection. It is a thick book but it’s a great intro into the full story of the Bible.

    5. Children of God Storybook Bible – This book was recommend by a friend that knows the truth of scripture and loves all the color of God’s people. I’m excited to order this and read it with my girls!

    6. Tim Thornborough Series – These books were HIGHLY recommended by the same friend and she reads them with her daughter! Love that the people of the Bible have skin of color!! We are definitely ordering these for the girls for Christmas!!

    Logos Christian Bookstore, 4012 Hillsboro Pike #6, Nashville, TN 37215, (615) 297-5388.