In Good Co. | Artist Mary Deaton Heldman

February 20th, 2015

We have the privilege of getting to walk alongside some inspiring, growing, and dynamic creatives as we navigate the small biz world as creators ourselves. In our new blog column, In Good Co., we want to feature some of these artists and share a little of the story behind their craft, how they create their work, and what makes them tick as a artist.

This week we are ecstatic to show off our friend and collaborator, Mary Deaton Heldman – whimsical calligrapher, natural photographer, lovely watercolor artist, and right hand gal of EOH. Mary Dea joined the EOH team about a year ago and brought her wealth of talents to many of the latest EOH designs. Take a look below at a little of the Mary Dea magic…

What’s your story? I have always enjoyed art, as a hobby. After college, while I was living in Portland, Maine, I started illustrating for a children’s book and becoming more familiar with watercolor. That lead me to dive deeper into the medium and become more comfortable with what used to be very foreign to me.

When I returned back to Nashville I had some surprise calligraphy lessons lined up. I personally never thought about calligraphy and the results of my page after the first class could testify. But, after some practice, I fell into the rhythm and fell in love with creating new fonts. I have always enjoyed the art of letter writing; which has grown into a career. Emily is the one who truly boosted my confidence about this work. Ever since I collaborated with her on projects, it’s been full steam ahead.

As for photography… I first became wide-eyed with the art at a young age in the darkroom at camp. Sounds scandalous, but watching each frame reveal itself as I would drop it into the developer was magic. I started becoming very passionate about photographs in general.

Now that I am back in Nashville, I believe everyday schedules, lives, and routines are threaded with photographic stills. I create and capture moments because art and images are pieces of history you can hold, see and touch, and reminisce over again and again. I love light and I love to seize its many forms. Photography is more of a natural concept to me, and my camera is my third arm.

What’s your craft? I create calligraphy prints, stationery, wedding invitation suites, blessings for homes, marriages, and babies…anything commission based. My style of photography is more documentary or everyday with movement, artistry & life captured in a still, which can tell a continuing story.

Where do you find inspiration? I am very much inspired by the earth, sea, and sky. Places I’ve visited and places that remain on my bucket list. Poets, literature, and all my favorite books & quotes have a huge influence on my artwork. My imagination takes over once I get in the groove of creating something new. I am very inspired by Dorothea Lange, Kandinsky, Degas, Sally Mann, Elizabeth Messina, Louis Faurer, Lamb Loves Fox, Bojon Gourmet, Samm Blake and so many more.

Favorite EOH paper? Oh man, my favorite piece from EOH….how can I choose only one?! I love her hand sketches and watercolor crests, anything with a nice personal touch really stands out to me.

Thanks for Mary Dea sharing her gifts with us and so many of the EOH clients! You can see more of her work here or collaborate with her for your next project! (Or if you want to purchase a print, check out her lovely selection here!)

And a big round of applause to MD on the recent release of her first published children’s book illustrations for Sheila and the Magnificent Tale!

In Good Co. | Calligrapher Ashley Schot

November 14th, 2014

There are new things stirring over in this little corner of the internet as the new year approaches…We are excited to share one of those today- our new blog column, In Good Co. We have the privilege of getting to walk alongside some inspiring, growing, and dynamic creatives as navigate the small biz world as creators ourselves. On the blog, we want to feature some of these artists and get to know a little of the story behind their craft, how they create their work, and what makes them tick as a artist.

Today we are thrilled to spotlight dear EOH friend, Ashley Schot. She has even collaborated with EOH on some holiday products this year (which you will see below.) Learn more about Ashley and her story…

What’s your story?  For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved beautiful letters. I have a clear memory of asking my mom in the 1st grade if my handwriting looked good…and wanting to make sure she gave me a true answer, not just let her say yes because she was my mom. I am a true lover of paper, beautiful lettering, and design. Put me in the middle of an art supply store and I am like a kid in a candy store…which, coming from a true sugar lover, says a lot! When I was in the working in corporate world (very unhappily) I would tell my husband, Justin, that all I wanted to do was own a paper store. When I started seeing all of Emily’s work, I absolutely fell in love! It’s kind of funny- the first invitations I ordered from Emily were for a bridal shower and I actually think I did a sales pitch to her on her own business about how much I value the importance of a beautiful invitation…it sets the mood for the entire event!

What’s your craft? I’ve wanted to learn the art of calligraphy for years…and had tried several times without much success. I am left handed and it presents quite an obstacle in learning traditional calligraphy. My desire to learn Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy just wouldn’t go away though! Every time I see beautiful calligraphy I just swoon….I study the thick and thin of all the letters, the flourishes…it is truly such an art. So finally, determined once again, I set out to learn again. I got the right tools, took an online course, and dove into lots and lots of practice! And though I still have MUCH learning to do, I am totally in love with it. There’s such a thrill of dipping a nib into ink and seeing letters flow onto your paper. (NERD alert!)

A major part of my business right now is doing chalkboard signs! I stay home with my two kiddos (Hudson-3 and Mackenna-1). This business has happened totally organically. I started by doing chalkboard signs for myself and a few friends and the word spread. It has been so exciting for me to be able to do two things I love…be home with my babies and have a little business making fun lettered designs! I joke that all of my notebook doodling during my school classes finally paid off! I actually saved a lot of my college notebooks because they were filled with so many letters and doodles that I couldn’t part with them.

Where do you find inspiration? I actually find a ton of inspiration on Instagram! There’s a whole world of calligraphers, chalkboard artists, and hand-letterers posting their beautiful work daily. It keeps me inspired to continue creating, practicing, and perfecting my work. Words, to me, are very healing and comforting. Some of my favorite things to write are the lyrics of my favorite hymns and Bible verses. One inspiring lady who fueled my love for letters (and made me see that I could actually pursue it a notebook doodle!) is Lindsay Sherbondy of Lindsay Letters. Her work is amazing and so unique! I have her pretty lettered print of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” hanging in my office. It is special to me because it was sung at our wedding and I constantly look at it for inspiration and the reminder of how faithful the Lord is!

Ashley is willing to do custom hand lettering for Christmas cards, signs, posters…pretty much anything you can dream up! Contact us to get her info. Her work is gorgeous in person!

Thanks, Ashley, for sharing a little bit of your story with us! We’re thankful to have you (and your pretty lettering!) on board at EOH this holiday season.

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