Blake + Jordan – Matrimony and Magnolias

May 18th, 2018

It’s all in the location. At least it definitely was for Blake and Jordan when creating the desired aesthetic for their gorgeous summer wedding. With the focal point on the magnolia flower, Belle Meade was an effortless and perfect backdrop. From hightop Superga’s under the wedding gown to the sunlight through the magnolia trees, Blake and Jordan’s wedding day cultivated a wonderful sense of whimsy. 

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The Couple’s names: Blake and Jordan Blankenbecler

Wedding Date: June 10, 2017

Location: Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville, Tennessee

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Tell us “your story” in a few sentences. I (Blake) moved to Nashville in 2015 for grad school. A friend invited me to a shrimp boil over Labor Day weekend. I figured it would be a good idea to say yes to the invite seeing as I had just moved to town and needed friends. Lo and behold, the shrimp boil was at Jordan’s house. He liked my shoes (leopard print high top Superga’s) and I liked how he made me laugh. After we kept running into each other, Jordan asked me on a date and it didn’t take us long to fall in love. On our wedding day, I wore white high top Superga’s because it was only appropriate!

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Pick three words you would use to describe your wedding. Classical, whimsical, beautiful

You have awesome style! Tell us a little bit about your aesthetic. We wanted Belle Meade to be the backdrop of our wedding because it is just so lush and green and beautiful. We knew we wouldn’t have to work hard to make it beautiful because the setting already is! They have magnolia trees around the entire property and the white flower against the dark green crisp leaves was a stunning detail to us. We decided to make the magnolia flower the theme of our wedding and we are so glad we did! Both Jordan and I have a pretty classic and refined style. We went with colors for both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen that would stand out against the green backdrop. We spent time accentuating the beauty that was already there and couldn’t be more happy about how the day turned out!

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What was your very favorite detail from the day? The light was absolutely magical! A guest told us our ceremony was like being in the Garden of Eden. Walking down the aisle with my Dad – we were both crying – then getting to see Jordan and FINALLY marry him in front of out most important people… hands down the best. Also, I can’t go without mentioning the dance floor. The.Most.Fun.Ever!

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What is one thing you wish you would’ve known before you started wedding planning? Decision fatigue is a very real thing. Give yourself three options for everything and make the decision from those three. Oh, and wedding planners are God’s sweet sweet gift to brides and their moms! At first, my mom and I didn’t see the value of a planner, but as we got deeper into the wedding planning waters, we knew we couldn’t do it alone. Lindsay was such a God-sent to us as my mom and I had never planned a wedding before!

Tell us why you love EOH custom paper lovelies! We ADORED our paper lovelies!! The stationary was a very important detail to me as I think it sets the tone for the wedding and I am just a sucker for all things paper. Emily was a gem-and-a-half to work with. She was able to see our vision and make it personal to a T! They honestly turned out better and more beautiful than I imagined and I have Emily to thank for her creativity and beauty she put into every detail.

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Blake and Jordan were the ideal clients. They were laid back but knew exactly what they wanted – which made designing super fun and easy! With the magnolia as the centerpiece, we had to add it the invitations! A watercolor magnolia was the perfect fit. I also loved how they picked an oversized font for the bride/groom names with a watercolor effect that had grey tones changing throughout the letters. Their suite was a perfect example of how a wedding invitation can be flat printed and look exquisite! They also added southern vintage stamps which added a wonderful additional to the suite. They knew exactly where to add the special touches. Great taste, a touch of the southern whimsy, and a couple full of love and laughter truly made for a joyful celebration! Thank you, Blake and Jordan, for allowing us to be a small part of such a deeply important day.

Anything else you’d like to tell us? It takes a village to make an event like this happen! I couldn’t have done it without the help of my mom and dad…they worked so hard to make this day beautiful and I’m incredibly grateful for their love and support!

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DRESS Ladies of Lineage Bridal Boutique // ACCESSORIES earrings Anthropologie, shoes Superga Sneakers // VENUE Belle Meade Plantation // PHOTOGRAPHY The Image is Found // WEDDING PLANNER Lindsay Rothrock // PAPER Emily O. Holmes // FLOWERS Shannon McLaughlin // CATERER Infinity Events & Catering // CAKE Amanda LeSaicherre // RENTALS Liberty Party Rentals // BRIDESMAID ATTIRE Weddington Way // GROOMSMEN ATTIRE Tailors’ Keep // MAKE UP Tina Davis // HAIR Alyssa Krauss

Sara + Paul – A Day of Celebration!

March 12th, 2018

Amidst the overpowering glitz and glamor that weddings often fall subject to, it’s easy to lose the sense of celebration that a wedding is intended to bring. Sara and Paul wanted to make sure that didn’t happen on their day. Instead, they focussed on elegance and simplicity. By pulling greenery into both ceremony and reception and borrowing beauty from nature itself, this memorable day was not just observed, it was joyously celebrated! 

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The couple’s names: Sara Sanfilippo and Paul Meehan

Wedding Date: August 19, 2017

Location: Church of the Assumption; Riverwood Mansion

Untitled design (19)
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Tell us “your story” in a few sentences. Paul and I met at The University of Tennessee in college. We were fast friends and eventually became something more. After college we moved to NYC for an adventure together before coming back to Nashville to settle in as a married couple.

Sara + Paul 700x500
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Pick three words you would use to describe your wedding. Earthy, Elegant, Simple

You have awesome style! Tell us a little bit about your aesthetic. Greenery was my main inspiration. We wanted the wedding and reception to feel like a celebration and not too overdone or stuffy.

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What was your very favorite detail from the day? My favorite detail of the day was walking down the aisle to Amazing Grace. It is my mom’s favorite song, so my dad and I kept that as a surprise for her. Paul and I did not have a first look, so it was a very special moment when we locked eyes for the first time.

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What is one thing you wish you would’ve known before you started wedding planning? Don’t sweat the small stuff! Everything will fall in to place, and if anything does not you will be so busy that you won’t even notice.

Sara + Paul 700x300 (3)

Tell us why you love EOH custom paper lovelies! Emily O. Holmes custom paper is more than an invitation, it is art. We proudly have our framed invitation suite hung in our house as a beautiful reminder of our wedding day. Emily is extremely responsive and easy to work with. The invitations are so unique and beautiful, they set the tone for our entire day.

Sara + Paul 700x500 (3)

When a bride emails you about their wedding inspiration and design, you immediately get a sense of their style and personality. I knew I liked Sara from the start. She wanted natural elements (check), hand lettering (check), and custom watercolor (check and check)  – all the things that make me thankful to call this my work. We passed ideas and proofs back and forth and before long we had a lovely wedding suite. Sara selected a beautiful paper and printing combo! Her text was engraved and the watercolor was flat print. What is engraving? It is a gorgeous, crisp and oh-so-fine method of printing that has been around for years and years. Simply put, to get something engraved, the printer takes a metal sheet and etches the text onto the plate. When the plate is passed through a very hot press, it makes the text raised (embossed) so that when you pass your fingers over the paper you can feel all the love and detail.  It’s the most classic form of printing and I love that Sara combined traditional engraving with contemporary flat print for the watercolor. Sara also allowed me to paint a custom map for her guest – which is always a treat and such a fun element for guests when they open up a wedding suite. Sara’s mother and mother-in-law where so kind as well to have the whole paper suite coordinate! Love when two families work together to make the bride happy and the paper cohesive! Last but not least, the vintage stamps and watercolor envelope liner – they pull the whole ensemble together. This suite is one for the books, and I am beyond thankful that Sara and Paul loved it so much that they framed it! This couple has a natural and beautiful glow about them that shows in these photos – what a treat to help document and celebrate this wonderful celebration.

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DRESS White Dresses // VENUE Church of the Assumption and Riverwood Mansion // PHOTOGRAPHY Waldorf Photographic Art // PAPER Emily O. Holmes // FLOWERS Enchanted Florists // CATERER & CAKE 8 Lavender Lane // BRIDESMAID ATTIRE Show Me Your Mumu // GROOMSMEN ATTIRE The Black Tux Rental // HAIR & MAKE-UP Katie Russo Beauty

Kendall + Carter

January 16th, 2018

Unpredictability. That seems to be the name of the game when it come to weddings. There may be some details that you care about more than you expected to, and others that you end up leaving in someone else’s hands. Everyone’s answer to the best part of their wedding day tends to vary greatly, and in this case, Kendall walked away loving the music the most. You never know what the day might bring, but Kendall and Carter sure had a beautiful one!

Untitled design (13)

Kendall + Carter

The Couple’s names: Kendall and Carter Henderson

Wedding Date: July 23, 2016

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Kendall + Carter (20)

Kendall + Carter (21)

Tell us “your story” in a few sentences. We met through friends here in Nashville several years ago and went on our first four dates in one week! We dated for almost two and a half years after that. Carter proposed in Percy Warner Park in December 2015 and we got married the following summer.

Pick three words you would use to describe your wedding. The most fun!

Kendall + Carter (18)

Kendall + Carter (22)

You have awesome style! Tell us a little bit about your aesthetic. I wanted everything to be classic but not too fancy because I wanted to feel at ease. I wanted the flowers to be colorful since it was summer, but still soft and understated.

Kendall + Carter (24)

What was your very favorite detail from the day? The music at the ceremony. We chose a few of our favorite songs and asked a musician from our Church (Stacy Lantz) to play and sing. She brought a couple other musicians with her, and they were amazing.

Kendall + Carter (7)

Kendall + Carter (9)

Kendall + Carter (8)

What is one thing you wish you would’ve known before you started wedding planning? I didn’t expect that I would have strong opinions, but also need a lot of help making decisions. I am so grateful for Linley (wedding planner) and my family!

Kendall + Carter (23)

Untitled design (18)

Tell us why you love EOH custom paper lovelies! Emily was great to work with, and I loved getting to meet with her at her house. We very quickly and easily found inspiration from her collection!

Kendall + Carter (13)

Kendall + Carter (14)

Classic with a sense of ease perfectly describes this couple and their wedding suite.  The monogram sets the classic tone while the hand drawn laurel wreath shows the ease and joy that will definitely be felt by all. The bride selected a beautiful textured paper for the wedding invitation with a gorgeous taupe letterpress. Kendall had a triple threat with her suite – letterpress, beautiful calligraphy and luscious paper! Take notes ladies, classic is always in and you can add a personal touch with custom hand drawings by EOH, or hand lettering by the many talented calligraphers we work with each day. We also LOVED working with Linley Stokes, she is the epitome of a Classic southern lady with a sweet spirit who is always on her game! We also had the pleasure of working with Martha Willis, who shared her amazing talent with the painted laurel wreath on the table numbers, menus and Save the Dates! What a gift it is to collaborate with the many talented folks in Nashville. We are always honored to be apart of such a special occasion. Thanks Kendall and Carter for allowing us to help you set the tone for your classic summer soiree.

Kendall + Carter (16)

Kendall + Carter (15)

DRESS Ti Adora from Arzelle’s // ACCESSORIES earrings from Dillard’s, rings from Shane Company  // VENUE Covenant Presbyterian Church & The Cannery Ballroom // PHOTOGRAPHY Cameron Reynolds Photography // WEDDING PLANNER Linley Stokes // PAPER Emily O. Holmes // FLOWERS A Village of Flowers // CATERER Flavor // CAKE The Sweetest Day // RENTALS 12th TableNashville Audio VisualMusic City Tents and Events // BRIDESMAID ATTIRE Bella Bridesmaid



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